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Having torn off her bathing suit, was pulling off Lesha's trousers. I felt that Igor began to press against my hands tied behind me, I felt his breath in my ear. I turned around

"Relax, dummy."

“Some people are lucky,” he almost wailed.

If you make noise, our luck may run out.

Igorek nodded and stretched his neck even more. Lyosha and Natasha were rhythmically puffing and moaning with might and main, carried away by each other. The tattoo on Natasha's left shoulder blade was clearly visible - a blue snake. The situation was completely idiotic. It is not known how they will react to our appearance - where there is one corpse, there you can find a place for two more. And Igor and I are no longer fighters, I don’t know what he has, but my shoulder just went on strike. Therefore, I had to stand still and stare at this surrealism.


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